29 June 2014


So much for the daily post... haha Sorry! I had too much fun and very little time to get on the net to post to you all, so I will fill you in now. The rest of Sydney was amazing. Phil came, we went to Luna Park ate at amazing restaurants and just generally explored the city. I will list some of my favourite places we ate and drank as I love food and I am sure you all do too.

Where we ate:
  • German restaurant called the Lowenbrau, which was set up to look like an Oktoberfest beer hall. Here we ate the most delicious Pork Knuckle (the size of your head) and drank mango steins! http://www.lowenbrau.com.au
  • Teppanyaki at an exclusive 10 person restaurant. It. was. amazing! A little more expensive but if you are wanting to head out for an amazing meal that also provides the entertainment of watching the chef cook and sear your food in front of you... this is the place for you! I am not a huge seafood eater but they also have a "beef lovers" menu and it was delicious. https://www.therocks.com/eat-drink/the-rocks-teppanyaki.aspx
  • The Shangrilah Hotel (Blu Bar) for Cocktails. This is situated 36 levels high overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. The views are incredible. I started off with a chocolate "Toblerone" cocktail and then tried the "Italian Job" which was a little more fresh and fruity. Mmmm So yummy! http://www.36levelsabove.com.au/blubar/downloads-en.html
Soo these are a few of the places I went... Long story short I dined well. It was great haha! 
Annnnnndddd home sweet home now. 

In other news... Yesterday was my birthday :) I had the greatest weekend! I will do another post for that though because that in itself has a lot of photos. Firstly I will post the rest from Sydney!


Love S.J.B x

Jai Paul - BTSTU


  1. Beautiful pictures once again :) And happy birthday!

  2. Beautiful pictures as always! :) And I have to say that you and your boyfriend are the most beautiful and cute couple I have ever seen :)

    1. Thank you Mia :) That is so nice of you! xx