21 June 2014

.::Freedom has never tasted sweeter::.

Sooooo yesterday I finished exams!!! I can not even begin to explain the feeling you get when you're walking out of your last exam feeling as though you have nailed them and then knowing you about to jump on a plane!! I'M IN SYDNEY!! I am currently sitting on a couch, in my parents new apartment, 20 floors high over looking the Sydney harbour bridge and Opera house... honestly it doesn't get much better! Photo's don't even do this justice! So I will try to do a day by day. 

Day 1.

Today I woke up at 11am after having no slept for 43 hours due to cram studying like crazy for my last exam (Felling super fresh!). The first and only real desire in Sydney was to get to their coastline... as you may have already noticed, I am a sucker for nature and more specifically the beach. So heading to Sydney's coast was first on my to do list (even though I have been here quite a few times before). 

It is honestly beautiful. So rugged and raw, filled with cliffs and trees. The ocean is filled with surfers in a bay that seems so safe and protected, people walking and running along the hilly pathways and people socialising with friends in coffee shops or even just playing volleyball. It was so lively. Mind you it was a beautiful sunny day here, so I guess that does help! I have fallen in love with the suburb Bronte, NSW and if I were to move over here I would move there or maybe even a little further south.

We went for lunch at the famous Doyle's restaurant in Watson's Bay (A place where submerged between river and sea). If you like Seafood this is the place for you! ...I am not much of a seafood eater personally but I really enjoyed it. 

Ahhh and tomorrow I get to see the most amazing boy in the world :) Phil! He and his band are touring here at the moment but tonight is his last show, so tomorrow he comes to stay with me for the next 4 days! I am planning to head to the sunday markets in the morning and really want to get over to Luna park at dusk tomorrow to go on some rides and try to get some cool new shots! It's pretty over there. Also I think a few celebratory drinks are exactly what the doctor ordered... tehe!

Enjoy the pics and have a great night/day! 
Speak to you tomorrow,

Love S.J.B x

Hayden James - Permission to Love.