15 June 2014

.::Down South Lovin::.

So I am sitting here in my study trying to focus on my university finals for the week but it isn't exactly going to plan so I figure I will do something just as productive and write to you all. Ughhh this Coconut and Lime candle next to me smells amazing!

I am looking forward to Friday because I am of to Sydney with Phil. He and his band is playing over there with Rufus and then we will both stay with my parents in their new apartment for 5 days after!! Eeeee! So excited. I have been to Sydney many times now but this time I would like to go and explore their cliffy coast lines and gorgeous blue mountains. Hopefully I can take some amazing photos to show you all.

In the meantime I should really knuckle down on these exams. NEARLY DONE!

Here are some photos from a trip down south just recently.

Love S.J.B x

Jasmine - Jai Paul.



  1. Beautiful pictures :) Good luck with your exams!

    1. Thank you Amanda!! Thanks for reading :) x