9 June 2014

.::It burns in our pretty little hearts::.

Welll haiiii!!!

I am so sorrry I have been so M.I.A with the whole blogging thing. I have been meaning to post for so long now but have been so busy since getting back from South East Asia. My main motivating factor for now posting is that one kind hearted reader asked me if they were going to hear from me again and that in itself was so sweet and made me realise... "Hey! Maybe some people do like reading the jibberish I write ;)" So thank you, you know who you are!

So... you would hope after (what... 6 months) I would have something to show and or tell and I do. So much it's over whelming! So many pictures... Where do I start?

First: A brief overview of the past six months.

-South East Asia was amazing. Travelling from Hong Kong through Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore was something else. The sights were incredible and I went indoor skydiving! It was so RAD!
The most important part of my trip though and what I value the most would be the people I have met. I believe that it doesn't matter where you are in the world it is the people you are privileged enough to meet and ensuring you build and maintain those friendships. People are incredible!! People are inspiring and motivating, each with their own individual story. If you take the time to really listen and get to know someone you will learn more than your heart and mind could ever have dreamed of! I met a bunch of amazing people who I have now maintained contact and friendships with :) That in itself was special enough for me. Seeing incredible countries and surrounding yourself in so many rich cultures... well that's the greatest bonus ;)

-Since then I have been back at university (studying my butt off) The countdown of units until I finish is seriously on!!

-I have been to Adelaide to see my dearest friend Krista, whom I believe you all know :) AHHH I was soooo happy to see her! You have no idea. We had the best time! I also surprised my study muffin of a boyfriend over there while he was on national tour. He was sooo excited when he realised that the  "stranger" who randomly jumped up onto his back in the middle of Adelaide city was me haha!!!
Krista and myself shopped our brains out, we ate amazing food, went to the fringe festival, a cute vintage market and also the beach where we found the most amazing shells!! I have pictures to show you :) We were like kids on Christmas! I miss her so much. She is coming home though in 3 months (to Perth) AHHHHH I can't contain my excitement!

-UM. So. I BECAME AN AUNTY!! Eee! So happy and excited. April 25th my little nephew Taj  was born and he is the CUTEST thing ever. (I know, I know... a little biased haha).

-I have also just recently held a High Tea party for my friends :) I was so excited I had planned it for weeks :D Not too sure how much "tea" was involved... Sangria counts as tea right?! Haha. Afterwards we went to see my boyfriends band 'Crooked Colours' play. They are doing so well! Please check them out :) They are so talented and hey! One of the songs was even written about advice I had once given him and he has referenced me in his song :) I am the luckiest! I almost cried when I first heard it.

Eeek sorry! This is turning into a novel. I have just got so excited to talk after so long. I may have to upload photos over the past few months slowly due to having so many things I want to show you.
Hmm... Well lets start from the begin. Asia.

Love always, S.J.B x
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Heart Beats Slow - Angus and Julia Stone.

Halong Bay, Vietnam.


 Dong Thien Cave, Halong Bay.

 One of my blue cocktails on my cruise.

The most AMAZING fruit! Rambutan! 

 We bought a bag of Rambutan off this lady for $2!! She was happy and so were we!

Hong Kong put on a show.

 Fishing Village in Hong Kong.

Photo I took of the Hong Kong city lights! Very slow shutter speed.

 Us in our super rad hats!

 This was our cruise ship (Wel... 1/3 of it). It held 2000 passengers and 1.5 thousand crew.

 Found the beach in Vietnam.

 Asian cuisine is to die for.

 One of the many theme parks we went to. (Ocean Park, Hong Kong).

My latest hippie pants (Another to add to the collection)

Santosa Island, Singapore. 


  1. Yay! I've been missing your posts :)

    Asia looks so beautiful and gosh that panda is so cute!

    1. Thanks for following :) I know! So excited to have seen a panda in China! Hahaha the icing on the cake