9 December 2013

.::To love & to cherish::.

Hola! I hope your weekend has been a great one. My weekend has been lovely and the wedding yesterday was absolutely beautiful!

A very casual set up on the lawn in front of the river on a beautiful summery sunny day. The colour of the wedding was very be achy, neutral and relaxed with creams and whites for both the groomsmen and the bridesmaid's and BEX, she looked beautiful (and so very happy!).

I was so grateful that I was able to be there to help celebrate her special day with her and also that I got to spend such a special moment with Phil alongside of me. These sort of events make you so soppy... haha!

The reception again tied into the very relaxed theme of the wedding. It was help at Little Creatures a Brewery located in the harbour of Fremantle. Delicious finger food, drinks flowing and meeting several new faces made for a great night! Oh... and a LOT of dancing ;).

Here are some photo's :)

Love S.J.B x

Broadwalks  by Little May (A very soft song for this wedding post).

 Helen and I.

The new happy couple. Mr & Mrs Rechichi.

Um... How cool is this stretch Combi?!? And perfect colour.

 Phil trying to keep me warm!

Our friend Oscar.


  1. Wow everyone looks so happy and beautiful! Great pictures :) My sister is getting married next year and I am so excited already, can't wait!

    1. :) Yeah weddings are always a very happy time for all. The drinks help too ;) Thank you! Oh how lovely!That time from now until then will fly by! I hope you have a great time! I know you will :) xx

  2. oh shannae you look gorgeous!!!! xx