10 December 2013

.::I will remember your face because I am still in love with that place::.


I hope you had a day as lovely as mine :) Today I woke up did a spring clean (...in summer?) and then went to the beach with my friend Sofie where we drove with the roof down and sipped on banana smoothies. Ahhhh I am addicted to banana smoothies!

Only a week now until I am off to South East Asia for a 3 week holiday. Wooo hooo! So I have an extremely busy week ahead of me, catching up with friends/family, partying, eating, just generally living up this festive season! Included in this busy week, I have two boat parties this weekend and the weather is meant to around 38 degrees celsius! ...SLIP SLOP SLAP!

I figure that a lot of you have a gorgeous white winter (which may I add I am extremely jealous of!) I can imagine that it would be beautiful! The snow creates a whole different atmosphere! I have never properly had a white Christmas. The only time, I have been close, is when I was in London 2 days after christmas 4 years ago. Other than that... it's hot hot hot here for me! Regardless of the temperature being hot or cold everyone seems to live it up! Which makes this time of year so special.

Our christmas generally consists of waking up on christmas morning to open our stockings and presents from under the tree and then a huge lunch to follow, where we rotate houses among our relatives each year :) Ahh definitely my favourite time of year. Generally speaking everyone appears to be in great spirits and getting merry out in the sun :) What do you get up to on Christmas?

This year for me will be slightly different considering I will be somewhere around Vietnam on Christmas day!! I am not too sure how I will be able to keep you all posted while I am over there. There may be a three week dull period but when I get back I will have three weeks worth of excitement to catch you all up on! Imagine how many photos I will have by that stage... haha. Yay!

This is today.
Me. My room. My Pool. The beach. My day.

Love S.J.B x

Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis Leftwich (Thomas Jack remix).

Today I was feeling a more of a tomboyish vibe with this denim shorts and a muscle tee ensemble :)
(I also wore black studded combat boots which you can't see in this picture of me).


  1. Wonderful pictures! I can't stand snow, coldness and darkness but I have to admit that I like having a white Christmas :-)

    Oh and I have to say that I am addicted to banana smoothies too! It's so delicious!