2 December 2013

.::Circle Down::.

Hello hello!!
Ahhhh it feels like forever, I'm sorry :) I have been super busy down south living up the start of summer! Anyway a bit about down south!

It ended up being a little delayed getting down there due to a certain boy not being able to coordinate events all that well haha! So we woke up very early thursday morning at 5:00am to start the drive. It is approximately a 3 and a half hour drive to Eagle bay which is situated in the south of Western Australia between Dunsborough and Yallingyup. It is amazing down there. It is by far one of my favourite things about where we live, so if you ever come to Perth for Au pairing or a holiday etc be sure to go and check it out!

Basically... It consists of a little group of surf towns and winery's and is home to the Margaret River Pro (a professional surf competition which happens in March every year). It is also home to the Boranup Forest and Karri Tree which is native to Western Australia. Not only that... but there are several amazing natural caves that you can go exploring, Lakes Cave, Crystal Cave and Mammoth Cave to name a few! And if that still doesn't tickle your fancy... there are amazing boutiques, factories (Chocolate, Cheese, Liquor and Fudge), Breweries, horse-riding, mazes... the list goes on. Most of all if you are looking for serenity, to get away from city life and love the beach you HAVE to go here.

Have I sold you yet? ;)

So down in Eagle bay we stay at my friends house. It's so awesome! A typical beach shack (which may I add is exactly what you want when you are down there) A wooden, relaxed house with a huge balcony overlooking the whole bay! Oh.. and it has two delicious hammocks to swing on while you take in the view! So me, Phil and 10 other people headed down over and settled in for a week of great dining, crisp corona's, beaching and most of all relaxing after finishing our exams! Finally :D

On the Saturday the Iron man was also on at Smith's beach so we went down and checked that out.

Hmm.. pictures say more than a thousand words soooo... here we go:

Circle Down - Ayer. (Amazing!)

Seth ready to rock n roll. 

Boranup Forest and Karri Trees.

Our crib in Eagle Bay.

My stud muffin in holiday heaven.

Smith's Beach Iron Man.

Photobooth fun while playing cards and my new hat.

I have a twin! :D 


  1. It is snowing here in Finland.. So it's very nice to watch this kind of pictures (not) :-D

    1. Ahh yeah I can imagine! Make the most of it though and go snowboarding! :D Where I live there is no snow at all so... in some ways I am jealous also :) xx

    2. Yeah that's true :) Right now it is just so dark and cold that it is very hard to think positive hah

  2. damn your life seem so perfect and you are perfect!! beautiful :)

  3. Wow, everything looks so gorgeous :-)

    1. It is absolutely amazing down there. I could live there! :) xx

  4. i love your music taste!!!

    1. Thank you :) ...I am guessing I would love yours too by the sounds of it ;) haha xx