11 November 2013

.::Take Two::.


My name is Shannae and I have started one of these before, which I forgot to update and now instead of continuing on I have decided to start again... from scratch. Mostly due to the fact I have forgotten my password for my other blog. I should really learn to write these things down. Hmmm... 

Anyway, today I bought my very own SLR camera and I can't contain my excitement! Miss Kuparinen is to blame for this inspiration. Her photo's are honestly amazing! 
Check her out: 
But ok let's face it... only myself and Krista will be seeing this blog for the time being, so I am not much help sorry... Krista haha! More so I will need her help on this blog. I am useless!

...Ok so back to the camera! It is a Canon 600D with a standard 18-55mm lens and I am officially in love with it! I have been wanting a proper camera for quite some time now and hopefully one day, after many tips from Krista, I too will be able to produce and show you some amazing pics (AND hey video's too! Thanks to the full HD movie option. Wahoo!).

Here are some of the first photos taken today: I hope you enjoy

Love S.J.B

 Greens & Co. 

 Bouganvillea's in Phil's backyard (Looks like a flower, stings like a bee.)

 First Selfie.

Greens & Co for green tea. Yes please!

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