13 November 2013


Eyyyy yooo!

Well today was exam day... I had all of about two hours sleep last night and my eyes feel like I have a weight hung on the end of each eyelash, but hey I got there in the end. Anyway... still learning the ropes with this canon. I can't even begin to explain how in love with it I am. 

If you have any tips in terms of lens, or free photo editting programmes that I should check out please let me know :) I need all the help I can get right now haha. 

Hopefully when Krista get's here this afternoon she will teach me not only the canon but also this blog situation... I am useless haha.

Anyway here are today's attempts at some photos. Enjoy!

Love S.J.B x

My extremely handsome and charming boyfriend, Philip.

Green Tea.

Krista and her Canon.

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